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We’ve Officially Become One!

Hana Ranch Easement

Hana Ranch, Maui, 41-acre conservation easement. (Photo courtesy of Ron Chapple)


Four existing conservation land trusts representing all counties within the state are combining to form the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (HILT), a new statewide land conservancy.

Official on Jan. 1, 2011, the merger creates an organization with the sustainability and resources to safeguard existing protected lands and dramatically grow conservation lands in Hawaii.

Participating in the collaboration are Kauai Public Land Trust, Oahu Land Trust, Maui Coastal Land Trust and Hawaii Island Land Trust. Continue reading


A Rising Tide Floats All Boats: Next Steps

Hawaiian Islands from Space

Over the next few months we will transition to a unified statewide conservation organization. An interim board of directors will be chosen to codify the policies of the new organization, help raise expansion funding and recruit the permanent statewide board. In addition to the statewide board which will have representatives from across the state, there will be local Island Councils that will focus on the identification of potential projects on their islands and cultivation of their local constituencies.

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